“For more than 50 years, the Siro Group has been producing injection molding and extrusion products, among others. for the automotive sector and the consumer goods industry. With our production sites in Germany, Poland and Hungary, we are positioned throughout Europe. We employ 230 employees, produce with 75 injection molding machines and one extrusion line and generate an annual turnover of over 30 million EUR.

As a reliable partner to the plastics industry, we develop, produce and deliver complex systems made of high-quality engineering plastics according to customer specifications. We ensure the quality of the raw materials by processing in closed circuits with automatic conveying, so that confusion and contamination are excluded.

Due to our extensive experience and expertise in design, development, tooling, injection molding, assembly and decoration, we are able to offer cost-efficient and risk-minimized solutions from as a one-stop solution provider. We can not only take over the manufacturing process but also develop complete modules starting with the concept phase and ending with the realization of the final product.”

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